Photo: Sören Vilks


»En ren kärleksförklaring till underbara kvinnor« DN

 »Uppfyller våra fantasier med råge« DN

 »En kärlek förmedlad med en oemotståndlig espri« DN

»Djärv karusell av uppkäftig kvinnlig lust« SVD

»En bejakande skildring av en bejakande epok« Expressen 


Original soundtrack for the play "Älskarinnor". Premiered on the 11th october 2019 at Årsta Folkets Hus Teater.

Written by Ann-Sofie Barany, Directed by Philip Zandén.



"Set in Paris during the breaking point between two world wars. To Saint Germain, female American intellectuals travel across the sea with all the dreams of Paris, a city where women can work, talk and love freely. Gertrude Stein, Alice B Toklas, Natalie Barney, Djuna Barnes. All want to be here, in Paris. In a time where tolerance, freedom and exploration gives the contemporary woman a chance to realize herself. Who she loves, how she loves, why she loves. She fights hard to build a life for herself, her identity.

Over the cobbled streets, beneath the Eiffel Tower, at Le Monocle- a decadent and cheerful nightclub, in the salons along the river, all their paths are crossed. They converse with each other. About Saphos meaning and sexuality. About being art collectors or magicians. About tango, about the female orgasm, Cheers!

They were searching for Paris and found each other. They sought freedom- but to what cost?"