A tree of thought

"Mind controlled performance"

A tree of thought is a piece for multimedia and solo performer equipped with a brainwave sensor— treating it as if it were a musical instrument. The piece utilizes Neurofeedback(NFB) to both create different sound worlds based on the performers brain activity, and at the same time generating musical notation for the performer to improvise over. During the performance the EEG picks up the performers different states of mind— Attention, Calmness, Excitement etc. and uses this to create another layer of control for the musician to play along with(or against). 

In this piece i used a commercial EEG scanner (Neurosky Mindwave mobile 2) for the performer to equip. To collect the data i used George Khut's application BrainwaveOSC. The application transfers the EEG data into OSC messages that are sent into MAX/MSP. In max the data is transformed into 3 elements: Sound, Notation & Moving image for projection. Offering three dimensions of media for the performer to control with her mind.

The main inspiration for this piece came from multidisciplinary artist Lisa Park and her installations Euonia and Euonia II, both works based on EEG feedback in order to manifest thoughts into sound.

Demonstration of EEG sensor setup controlling ambient textures in Ableton Live.