Chamber & solo




For chamber ensemble

durata: 6'

Quintet composed between 2013 & 2014. First performance 
on the 9th of april 2014 at Fylkingen, Stockholm. 

by musicians from the Norrbotten NEO ensemble.
Conducted by Ruut Kiiski.

Kim Hellgren - Viola
Elmér Lavotha - Violoncello
Mårten Landström - Piano
Daniel Saur - Percussion
Sara Hammarström - Alto Flute

For Tenor Recorder & Electronics

durata: 6'30''

Composed in 2017/2018
First performed on 23rd of March by recorder player 
Clara Guldberg Ravn at Svensk Musikvår 2018.

For chamber ensemble & electronics

durata: 15'30''

Composed in 2015 for 5 musicians & live electronics.

First performance on the 17th of April 2015
at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm by the KMHIE ensemble.
conducted by Marcus Luomala


Harp - Justyna Krzyżanowska
Accordion - Francesco moretti
Violin - Filip Gloria
Viola - Martin Cederstrand
Violoncello - Vincent Wistrand


Score preview:


Programme note

"Arcana" is a piece that from the start was composed with
the help of a turn with tarot cards. The aim was that all the cards
(which all have a very distinct character) would be translated to

concrete musical expressions that could in turn be layered on

each other. But as the piece started taking shape it gradually

started to focus more on the connection between the expressions

rather than the contrasts that was from the beginning intended

to be created.

Effluvia - Gustav Lindsten
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Serenata (2016)

For solo piano

durata: 5'30

Composed in 2012/2013.
First performed on 20th of april by Pianist

Kristine Scholz at the ljudOljud festival.

Intermezzo (2013)

Programme note: 

While i was writing Serenata, for solo accordion, i was very

influenced by a kind of music that is meant to be performed in smaller

spaces. Music heard in a living room, in a small concert hall. Simply put;

"chamber music". what i with this piece wanted to convey was a kind of

closeness to the instrument. As if a close friend would

sit right in front of you and play. Hence the title "Serenata".

For solo accordion

durata: 4'30''

Score preview:

For Violin & Electronics

durata: 7'

First Performance on 25th of May 2013 at the

Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm,

by violinist Gudrun Dahlkvist


The music of Erich zann (2013)

The music of Erich Zann - Gustav Lindsten, Gudrun Dahlqvist
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