Field study (2017)

For fixed media

durata: 7'

Sound portrait based on field recordings from

the subway environment in Stockholm made in

early autumn of 2012.

First public performance on the 23rd of June 2017
at the Arbons Art Center, New York


Train cuts(2016)

Train cuts - Gustav Lindsten

For quadrophonic speaker system

durata: 6'

In late 2017 i composed Field study for four speakers.

The work revolves around sounds found in nature

and wirking with similarities between them and sounds

with more electronic characteristics. Such as static &

noise. Throughout the piece i wanted the listener to

always stay within a very natural soundscape, while

always finding details of another soundscape based

on sound synthesis. As if staying in one room but

always hearing distant sounds from another.


Field study I (excerpt) - Gustav Lindsten