Photo: Sören Vilks

For Chamber choir & Electronics. 

Durata: C. 12'20''

Hildegard Sequence: O fire of the spirit

Hildegard Sequence is a work that reflects on composer Hildegard Von Bingen's way of depicting nature in her composition "O ignis spiritus paracliti"(O fire of the spirit). My goal in this piece was to take a pre-existing work by Hildegard and transform it into a modern setting. Combining the old and the new with live electronics as my main instrument.

The piece was composed in the summer of 2018 for Gustaf Sjökvists chamber choir, and had it's first performance on the 7th of October in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then the work has been performed at multiple festival and concerts across Scandinavia. And during the fall of 2020 the piece was included in "Allmänna Sångens" upcoming Compilation Album. 

Sound design

Accompanying the piece i decided to compose a pre-concert ambience for 4 channel speaker system. The ambience was intended to be played in or outside the concert hall before the performance. Acting as a doorway into the soundscape of the piece for the audience.

The main component of the soundscape is a mix of time stretched 
samples from Gustav Sjökvist's chamber choir and recorded bells from different churches located in Gotland, Sweden. This created a "sonic canvas" for me as a sound designer to work on. Added to this i filtered out the noise from the different time stretched samples and used these to create a more airy character of the