Vocal works

Hildegard Sequence: O Fire of the spirit(2018)

Salve Regina(2018)

Fixed media for 14.1 speaker system

durata: c. 4'30''

Recording made in early 2018, in collaboration with Opera singer Emma Sventelius. The piece is part of the featured soundtrack for the play "The tidings brought to Mary" by 

Paul Claudel. Commissioned by the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm in the fall of 2017.


Salve Regina - Gustav Lindsten, Emma Sventelius

Score preview:


for chamber choir & electronics

durata: c. 12'20''

for Gustaf Sjökvist's Chamber Choir.
first performance on the 7th of October 2018.
Conducted by Florian Benfer.



for chamber choir & electronic

durata: c. 8'30''

Written in the fall of 2015, for eric ericsons chamber choir.
first performance on the 10th of april 2016
Conducted by Fredrik Malmberg.


For countertenor & optional electronics

durata: 4'30''

Composed for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016,

awarded to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser

Stoddart and Bernard L.Feringa.

first performance 10th of december 2016 at the Nobel Museum in

Stockholm, by countertenor Rodrigo Sosa dal Pozzo

Score preview:

Penumbra - Gustav Lindsten, Eric Ericson Chamber choir